Pooflinger's Home

Hello. It's me Pooflinger of Mousehunt Facebook.
I'm here to guide you on determining your own Mousehunt strategic pathways. You cannot find Mousehunt walkthroughs here, because I wish you would be able to write your own walkthrough that aligns with your Mousehunt goals.

Mousehunt Article Updates

Luck vs Trap power is a new topic in Mousehunt Analytics.

Mousehunt Tool Updates

New tools! Facebook Enhancer and Travel Planner! Check them out.

About Mousehunt

MouseHunt is a Facebook game of epic proportions. You are a hunter, hired by the king to find and trap the mice that infest his kingdom. For each mouse you catch, you'll find a unique reward, bringing you closer to being the best MouseHunter in the land!

About Pooflinger

Pooflinger is neither a facebook addict nor mousehunt addict. He is addicted to himself and, in his opinion, he is the best person he has ever known. He has two arms and a small brain.